Toronto Maple Leafs

Captain Queue (3/∞)

The fact that I didn’t see Steve Dangle’s post about them looking for a blogger sucks since the deadline is tonight. 6 hours isn’t enough for me to think of stuff to write and send in. Ugh :(

how many of you lucky ducks were free today and went out to meet phil kessel?


i dont think you understand how seriously canada takes hockey

  • classes were cancelled
  • bars opened up at 6am
  • roads were deserted
  • churches were playing the game

all in the name of hockey

story of my life, sigh



what players have done the ice challenge and where can I see videos of them?(send me links pls!!:-) or tell me where to find them) I’ve only seen seguin’s !

here are some that people mentioned on twitter:
matt duchene
max talbot
james van reimsdyk
tyler bozak 
gabriel landeskog
sidney crosby
marc andre fluery (i think)
craig adams
rich peverly
zdeno chara
adma mcquaid
dougie hamilton
dennis seidenberg
milan lucic
tyler seguin 

as for links, i dont have any, sorry